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Staffing Agency In Kent WA & Surrounding Areas

In the dynamic world of employment, the importance of an efficient staffing agency in connecting potential employees with employers cannot be overstated. Hiring Agencies like ours bridge potential individuals and thriving businesses, ensuring a match beyond conventional vacancy filling to align skills and vision. This seamless, efficient, and reliable recruitment method cuts through the maze of the hiring process linking employees with temporary-to-permanent and temporary positions that utilize their expertise.

At HireNow Staffing, your trusted Recruitment Agency is the epitome of excellence. Our dedication to understanding the nuances of a business's and job-seekers' needs sets us apart. As an esteemed Employment Agency, we are not just recruiters but your dedicated partner in fulfilling the staffing needs of organizations hand in hand. We have simplified staffing needs in Kent, WA, and its neighboring areas through our meticulous approach, unwavering commitment, and understanding of every business’s needs, ensuring we meet the staffing needs of businesses seamlessly and effectively.

Positions We Hire

  • Office Staffing Support
  • IT Staffing
  • Healthcare Staffing
  • Light Industrial Staffing
  • Executive Search Staffing
  • Event Staffing
  • Specialty Cooks Staffing
  • Security & Survelliance Staffing
  • Servers Staffing
  • Casino Staff

At HireNow Staffing, your premier Recruitment Agency in Kent, WA, and its surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on our profound knowledge and capability to assist in many specialized job roles. We recognize the significance of each position in contributing to the broader goals of a business.

• General Warehouse Laborers

Beyond physical strength and stamina, we seek individuals who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to operational efficiency. They stand as the linchpin in logistics and warehousing, ensuring a seamless and timely transition of goods.

• Production Workers

Their role goes beyond assembly lines. We value those who understand the nuances of materials, can foresee challenges, and showcase consistency in product output, thereby maintaining the rhythm of manufacturing units.

• Janitorial/Housekeepers

It's not just about cleanliness. The ideal candidates possess an eye for detail and a sense of pride in maintaining spaces, reflecting an understanding of the importance of a clean environment on productivity and well-being.

• Forklift Drivers

We prioritize safety and precision. Our drivers are trained to navigate complex warehouse terrains and understand the importance of time management and inventory handling.

• Machine Operators and Assemblers

The technical proficiency required for these roles is paramount. We look for individuals who exhibit problem-solving skills, ensuring machines operate optimally and any issues are promptly addressed.

• Picking/Packing and Entry-Level Printing Press Operators

Efficiency, accuracy, and attention to detail are the cornerstones. These professionals are adept at ensuring orders are correctly fulfilled and print tasks are executed flawlessly.

• General Office Assistant and Data Entry Clerk

Organizational skills, multitasking prowess, and a proactive mindset characterize our ideal candidates. They act as the adhesive that keeps the administrative functions of a business cohesive.

• Food Production Workers

Sanitation, quality control, and consistency are vital. We seek those who respect the process, understanding the significance of their role in delivering safe and high-quality food products.

• Office Staffing Support and Medical Personnel

Adaptability and specialized skills are essential. Whether managing the front office efficiently or providing medical support, our candidates are trained and ready to address distinct needs professionally.

• Entry-Level Laborers

We value adaptability and a willingness to learn more than raw potential. These individuals are geared to assimilate, adapt, and grow, offering value across diverse sectors.

• Specialized Trades

Deep domain knowledge and a commitment to quality define our candidates here. Recognizing niche market demands, we ensure businesses are paired with top-tier experts to drive unparalleled results.

What We Offer

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


Through us, you will attain temporary employment with a company for a pre-determined time (usually 90 days), with a potential offer for a …
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Temporary Placement

Temporary placement offers the perfect opportunity for people who need employment in the short term but are unable to commit to a …
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Direct Hire

If you need help moving through your professional career's first steps, we can connect you with companies that are looking to fill job …
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About HireNow Staffing

The Most Dependable Employment Agency in Kent, WA

Hello, my name is De'Angelo Carter, CEO/President of HireNow Staffing. I started this company with the confidence and expectation, to provide quality staffing and connect employers with potential employees who seek employment. If you're struggling with staffing or need additional support, contact HireNow Staffing. ...

Our Mission & Goals

HireNow Staffing strives to provide staffing support to businesses in need.


If you already utilize a staffing agency, we would love to offer additional support.


We are grounded by our commitment to exceeding our customers' expectations, and we seek to construct productive and long-lasting business ...

Our Customized Staffing Solutions

At HireNow Staffing, we believe in simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Recognizing that every business has distinct staffing needs and every job seeker has individual strengths, as a professional Hiring Agency in Kent, WA and its surrounding areas, we make the matching process seamless and straightforward. Every solution we craft is a testimony to our dedication.

• Direct Matchmaking

We don't rely on résumés; we understand the aspirations of job seekers and match them with businesses that need their skills and enthusiasm.

• Quick Placements

In the dynamic business world, time is of the essence. We ensure timely placements so businesses can continue operating without disruptions and individuals can quickly find the necessary work.

• Adaptable Solutions

Our finger is always on the pulse of the job market in Kent, WA. We adapt to the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring they have access to a pool of eager job seekers ready to contribute.

• Community-Driven

Our primary aim is to serve Kent, WA, and its neighboring communities. We strengthen the local economy and help our community flourish by linking local businesses with residents seeking work.

Safety First

To us, safety is an inherent responsibility, embedded in our core values:

• Holistic Safety Onboarding

No stone is left unturned. Potential employees undergo thorough safety training, particularly those stepping into high-risk environments. This ensures they're not just job-ready but also safety-conscious.

• Raising the Bar

At HireNow Staffing, baseline safety standards aren't our end goal. We continuously strive to elevate workplace safety, championing the well-being of our candidates and the teams they join.

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